Pavement Maintenance Operations & Procedures Manual

Pavement Maintenance Operations & Procedures Manual

This manual has been developed for several reasons, the most important of which is to create a degree of standardization whiting the pavement maintenance crews. By creating company-wide standards, there is less time spent asking questions, doing a job over twice and less chance of forgetting to do some part of the job as it becomes second nature. This will result in more efficiently, professionally completed jobs which directly equals greater profit not only financially for your company but also for the client from a satisfaction standpoint.


Each person within a company was hired because he/she possessed some extent of knowledge and/or qualifications pertaining to their job. The guidelines outlined in this manual are intended to help utilize that knowledge and experience in the most cost/time effective manner possible.


You are urged to study and know these standards, and use them in the field, on every job, unless otherwise directed by a Foreman, Superintendent or the Architect.


Through your professional efforts, we hope to realize the most profitable and satisfying pavement maintenance season ever.


We welcome constructive comments to help improve any section of this manual for the upcoming season. Communications is vital to the success of a pavement maintenance company. We want open communication; we need it, not just to succeed, but to excel.


While reading this book, please keep in mind that it is not an all-inclusive manual on pavement maintenance. It is designed to give you insights as to the procedures which other companies are using to perform certain tasks. This book was written in order to give you a general outline of various methods which you may want to adapt in whole, or modify to fit your current methods.