Sales and Marketing Guide for Pavement Maintenance Contractors

Sales and Marketing Guide for Pavement Maintenance Contractors

The sales and estimating cycle is a non-stop process that ideally feeds off of itself. If you and your staff can get in the habit of following this cycle, you will see an increase in your close ratio.


The reason for this is quite simple: the sales/estimating cycle is nothing more than implementing and following a system on a consistent basis. By following the simple procedures over and over, you and your staff will automatically know how to organize sales and estimating; hence, you become more efficient at what you are doing.


This allows you to bid all of your prospects on an “apples to apples” basis. It does not allow you to change your sales estimating strategy from one project to the other, which in turn jeopardizes the integrity of your estimating and your sales system.


On the following pages, I have broken down each component of this cycle with the forms that are needed to sell and estimate your services.


Though this is not a complete estimating system, it allows you to organize your company, especially if you are not computerized, so that you can formulate consistent and competitive proposals.